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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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The war against Christians in America (02/09/2014)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

We recently received a most horrific letter from an anti-God, anti-Christian organization. The letter fumed with hatred. We could almost taste the foulness of it. It was full of disgraceful, deceptive words and falsely accused God and Christians as having a narrow vision of morality. Why? Because God and Christians rightly oppose ungodliness, immorality, etc.

According to this impious organization, God and Christianity are to blame for all the problems in America. Muzzling God and Christians ó getting rid of the conscience of America ó would greatly help their evil design: the de-Christianizing of America. If God and Christians would accept and tolerate immorality, then everything in America would be fine and dandy. Ya sure! You betcha! The bottom line: This anti-God, anti-Christian organization wants to normalize immorality.

This organization supports legalized child pornography, partial birth abortion, legalized polygamy, tax-exempt status for satanists, unrestricted abortion, publicly-funded profane art and extended constitutional protection for enemy soldiers while bearing arms. It opposes legalized school prayer, parental consent laws, sobriety checkpoints and drug searches, prison terms for most crimes, medical safety, reporting of AIDS cases, education vouchers, government ethics committees, abstinence before marriage, sex education, God Bless America banners in schools, pro-life demonstrations, religious displays in public, Christian home-schooling and our governmentís post 9/11 security measures.

There is no need to dispute the fact that the Christians of America would never support what this organization supports or would ever oppose what this organization opposes. This malicious organization is trying to impute that Christians are the wicked ones because they believe in God and His righteousness. The enemy of America is the one who hates God, the non-Christian.

Only God-hating immoralists would say that God and righteousness are not good for America. Could it be that this satanically-induced, satanically-led organization really is overwhelmed with satanic hatred? Yes, this evil organization is obsessed with something and it ainít good ó itís depravation. This supporter and promoter of unrighteousness knows exactly what it is doing and it is wrong, wrong, wrong. America would not be better off without God and Christianity.

President Lincolnís Secretary of the Treasury said, ďNo nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense.Ē Well, wake up, America, or despots of God and Christianity will overrun us while we are fast asleep! Once awakened, we will soon realize that America would be at its worse without God and Christianity.

Their purpose is to weaken and totally destroy the Judeo-Christian foundation of America and their desire is to have God and Christianity dissolved. Their motto ó in my opinion: Say and do anything you wish in defense of evil, but utter not a peep in defense of good.

How can we combat this worm of society? Good folks need to unite and suppress the fiendish attacks on God and Christianity. If righteousness will not engage in the battle with heinous organizations, we will be living in a Godless America. With Godís help, evil will never overcome good. Praise the Lord!

In the past, when a nation or empire renounced God and Christianity, and attempted to condemn and abolish them, the collapse of this nation or empire was inevitable. Is God going to treat America differently?

Americaís Christian heritage foundation was fundamentally based upon Godís moral absolutes from our nationís inception. Godís moral absolutes have ó when observed ó assured America of His blessings; yet, detesters of good are unknowingly (?) bringing Godís judgment upon a nation void of salt and light.

Our spiritual freedom must be protected from the destroyer of good. We must rightly and justly stand to defend Christianity in America. We must halt the oncoming despotic brigades of hatred and deception if we are to save America from demoralization and atheism. As ambassadors of Jesus Christ, it is the duty of Biblical Christians to enlist and serve as valiant soldiers in order to attain victory over evil.

What is the antidote for destructive, abominable hearts? The antidote is to love them, to bless them, to do good to them, to pray for them. Only God can penetrate and touch the most flint-like, hate-filled heart.

Abraham Lincoln once said, ďWe have forgotten God... and become too self-sufficient...too proud to pray. It behooves us then to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.

Ponder Proverbs 17:15 Isaiah 1:4; 5:20 Jeremiah 2:11; 7:28

P.S. Please read the third paragraph again. 


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