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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Baptism of Our Lord (02/09/2014)
From: Mary Zimmerman


It has already been several weeks since we celebrated the feast of Our Lordís baptism, end of the Christmas season; however it is still fitting to speak about it. We celebrate the sacrament of baptism all year long. We, as Catholics prefer infant baptism making our little ones a child of God.

Jesus didnít have to be baptized, He had no sins, yet He chose to, showing us the example. On this feast day, Pope Francis baptized 32 infants. He recently asked people at his weekly audience if anyone remembered their baptism. Of course no one raised their hand. He said go home and find out. Ask your parents, grandparents, or your parish. We make a big deal out of our childrenís birthdays, rightly so, but the birth of their flight back to their Creator is also important. Their souls, once soiled with original sin, have now been washed clean in the sacrament of baptism. Pope Francis said to parents, you are the transmitters of the faith, itís the most important inheritance you will leave your child. As I get a little older this is what I say: of all of what my parents have given me or done for me, I treasure most the gift of faith. My parents showed me good example, daily family prayer (rosary), Sunday and sometimes weekday Masses. Their kindness and charity toward other people has left me wanting to imitate that.

I just want to touch on Father Jimís (St. Maryís) sermon given on January 12, the feast of the Baptism of Jesus. He mentioned forgiveness. I glanced toward the large crucifix hanging by the altar, Jesus suffering and dying in such a cruel way. Yet He speaks these words: Father forgive them, they donít realize what they are doing. We should practice speaking these words as well, when someone has knowingly or unknowingly hurt us. Is that always easy? No, but rewarding, yes. Holding on to past grudges is such a heavy weight upon our shoulders. Letting the hurts of the past go fills us with joy helping to send our souls soaring heavenward.

In closing, if anyone reading this has not yet been baptized, please consider doing so. Even Jesus was baptized. It starts you on your journey to the promised land ó heaven.

Peace be with you, the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding, gives meaning and purpose to living a life for Christ. So many struggle for that as Satan is so alive and well, fighting our souls, promising the worldís happiness. No, my friend, true happiness comes only from God.

I just like to add this once in awhile.

If you meet me and then forget me you have lost nothing, if you meet Jesus and forget Him you have lost everything. 


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