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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (02/09/2014)
By Al Owne
Sorry, but I still havenít found the magic squeeze bottle pancake batter yet, but Iím still looking. I havenít been doing much shopping with the current weather patterns the way theyíve been. Iíve been raiding the freezer and the cupboards for survival foods.

When I grade myself on how Iím doing in my role as a widower, I think shopping is one of my low points. In groceries, Iím often buying things that I either donít need or donít know what to do with. I find myself saying, ďOh, that looks good; I think Iíll fix some of that for Sunday dinner.Ē Then a month later, while Iím trying to find what smells in the refrigerator, I find it moldy. When we were little, people would say, ďHis eyes are bigger than his stomach.Ē Now itís, ďHis imagination is bigger than his ambition.Ē

I think my pancake making skills are backing up. I made a batch of pancakes last Sunday that should have been thrown away, but I ate them with a lot of syrup. I donít know what happened, but they burned. I tried to stay with them, but all that accomplished was that I had a front row seat to watch them burn. I just have to keep trying, or stick to my new motto, ďIf at first you donít succeed, punt!Ē

If I were livestock, you could say, ďIím making it through the winter OK.Ē Yes, Iím gaining some weight. I thought I was a little too thin. Women are saying, ďIs that possible?Ē But I thought I was getting scrawny, so I started eating a little more and much more of the wrong stuff. Iím going to have to go back on my private, patented diet, the ďDonít buy it, diet.Ē I find if I donít buy stuff thatís bad for my diet, I donít miss it. If I think that a piece of cake would go well after lunch, but donít have any, I just think OK, and go take a nap. I never run to the store and buy something I desire. I have some specialty ice cream treats left over from Christmas, that I fight eating by storing them in the basement freezer. Most of the time I figure itís too much work to go get some. If they were in the kitchen, they would all be gone by now. Once in a while I give in, but not enough to be on the Biggest Loser by any means.

Groundhog Day has come and gone along with the Super Bowl, but Valentineís Day is on the horizon. Other than being involved with the kids, Valentineís Day was not especially important to my late wife and me. We had five children, the first and last 14 years apart, so it always seemed like we were making valentines for someoneís class party. That kind of takes the romance out of the day. School paste doesnít mix well with chocolate.

Right now, Iím just looking forward to warm weather. Stay warm, and donít be afraid to ask for help it you need it. E-mail me at alnada2407@gmail.com



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