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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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Should we be afraid of dying? (02/16/2014)
From: Mary Zimmerman


When God gave me that title and the content, I wasnít sure I could or should share it, but then the thought came to me, why should I second guess or get anotherís opinion on the material that God gave me? Besides, I think it just might give some of us an excuse to examine our lives to give us a clue how we stand with God. Iím not here to pass judgment on anyone, merely encourage you to take time to make room for God in your life. In fact, He should be the very center of our life if we desire that heaven be our eternal home. Thatís where God resides. After all, who would want to spend an eternity with a stranger? There are different levels of heaven, purgatory and hell as well. I say thank goodness for purgatory, at this time I just canít see myself flying right into heaven. I keep trying to be a better person but can never quite be the person I want to be, however the sacrament of penance and daily Mass helps me to keep trying to be a better person.

Perhaps we should all fast forward our lives, no matter where weíre at spiritually - Christian or atheist (we will all die sooner or later, thatís just a fact of life) to our dying moment, ready to be thrust toward the judgment seat of God. I will now go through a mock scenario of my death. Am I afraid to die? Well, Iím not necessarily looking forward to it. It makes me a bit nervous to say the least. Besides that, I really donít want to leave my family anytime soon. I need to shop for the bargains (use coupons, etc.) for my family donít I? I need to pack my son Donís lunch, donít I? Make cereal candy to give, take the phone calls from my loving children? Well, Iíll just trust God will work it all out for the best. Now weíll pretend Iíve come before the judgment seat of God. I hope a deceased family member or St. Faustina will come and comfort me on this journey (I hear that sometimes happens).

Well, after a quick flight through the stars, a bright light, St. Peter met us at the gate. He said God would be with us shortly. During this momentary wait many things flashed through my mind. Would I be condemned for sweating the small stuff, perhaps not praying good enough (from the heart)? Would God say I forgive but still sometimes remember why the hatchet is buried? I asked myself if Iíd spent too much time and energy couponing? About then I heard my name, Mary Zimmerman. I thought Iíd better hurry and tell Him a few good points of my life, the pies Iíd made, wrote articles and Lord even a few books. I noticed by Godís expression He wasnít too impressed. Quickly Iíll have to think of something else. Oh yes God, I worked hard trying to spread the Divine Mercy devotion, spread a lot of material, planning and preparing for Mercy Sunday (Sunday after Easter). Now I could see God had a happy look on His face. He said, ah, of course, I promise special graces for that and for those who proclaim the gospel in any way. Oh sure, but you will have to go into the waiting room (purgatory) a short time, then your room is waiting for you in heaven. See, we have a merciful God and we really shouldnít be afraid to die. Iím not implying that trying to be a good person doesnít count. Of course it does. Faith without works is dead, seeking and doing the will of God is a big plus, of course performing the works of mercy, etc.

So letís strive each day to be the best person we can be, live, laugh and love then we really shouldnít be afraid to die. Iíll meet up with my family in heaven while continuing to pray for the rest of them to arrive safely, my grandchildren too.

Iíd also like to mention a book I just read, Waking Up In Heaven. Itís about a young lady who had such a troubled life, always searching to know if God really existed, then came a time she died and woke up in heaven. For eight minutes she experienced such great love she really didnít want to come back. God told her when she went back she should tell many people everything she could remember about her experience in heaven. I think what she remembered the most is Godís love for her and all mankind. Upon hearing her mom call her name she returned to her body. Maybe this story will answer our question, should we be afraid of dying? 


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