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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (02/16/2014)
By Al Owne
I saw a robin last Wednesday. He, or she, was sitting under some kind of berry tree eating whatever was falling off at this time of the year. I walked right past and it just kept pecking at this meager meal without paying me much attention. I thought, ďBy gosh, spring is coming.Ē I know that bird experts say that there are robins over the winter, even in a winter like this, but I believe in signs, and this was a good one for me. The sun is getting warmer and the pipes are freezing; spring must be on the way.

One of my ďpretty far awayĒ children lives in the southeast where theyíve been having unusually severe snow storms, and has commented on the lack of preparation of the cities to battle these storms. We here in the upper Midwest laugh at their ineptitude at waging war on the snow and ice, but they are truly helpless without the knowledge and equipment to fight that kind of every-25-year weather.

Speaking of battles, Iíve had the help of several allies in my war on pancakes and waffles. Iíve gotten coupons for the batter in a bottle device, but still havenít been able to find it in the stores. Yes, I know I could go to a clerk and ask, but keep in mind that Iím a man and asking for help is a final solution to my problems. Anyway, my grocery assistant hasnít been working the last couple of times Iíve been at the big store, so the next time sheís there, Iíll ask. I did get a gift of a plastic bottle containing some pre-mixed dry batter that you fill with water to an embossed line, shake really hard, and presto, you have batter. Iíll try that and give you a report.

Now, I understand that much of my pancake and waffle problem relates to the preparation rather than the batter, but as long as Iím in the cooking business, I might as well be on the cutting edge (no pun intended).

Valentineís Day has come and gone without much emotional damage. As I stated last week, our house harbored school-age people for so long, our observance of that loversí holiday was directed towards little people or teenage puppy lovers.

I had my first real conversation by Skype with my ďreally far awayĒ child recently. That is truly amazing to me. We talked for nearly an hour with only one glitch and it was free. I know some of my friends, who are up in birthdays, are suspicious of electronic devices, but I figure that if itís available, you might as well take advantage of it if you can. Iíll admit, if it was up to me, Iíd be using a crank telephone, but as long as my children can introduce me to these electronic amazements, Iíll go along for the ride. I have several friends on Facebook who I donít even know and whom I might walk past every day without recognizing, but I know what theyíre up to ó sometimes too much. My grandchildren keep me (and a lot of other people) informed on what they are up to also, so I guess Iíll take advantage of what I can.

As the weather gets nicer, try to get outside, but be careful. Iím always around on all these electronic devices at alnada2704@gmail.com.



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