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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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‘Gasland 2’ speaker’s thoughts on ‘FrackNation’ (02/19/2014)
From: Calvin Tillman

Mayor emeritus

Town of DISH, Tex.

I recently attended the Frozen River Film Festival in support of the documentary Gasland Part 2. Prior to my arrival in Winona, Minn., there was a significant amount of publicity over the fact that the Frozen River Film Festival dropped the questionable film FrackNation. Although I was never interviewed for the film, I was also featured in FrackNation. After visiting with those who made this decision not to show the film it was apparent that this was just more of the same tactics that I had become accustomed to from FrackNation filmmaker Phelim McAleer.

I remembered the Gasland Part 2 premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival where Mr. McAleer and his supporters were shouting obscenities at me and and my family while we made our way down the red carpet, instead of getting in line to see the movie. Because of them not being in line for the film, they did not make it into the oversold premiere, but the story on Fox News followed a much different message, they were banned from the premiere.

Throughout Tribeca, Gasland Part 2 filmmaker Josh Fox required constant security to protect him from the attacks of Mr. McAleer; at one point Mr. McAleer called the police on himself attempting to get more publicity.

I have offered to be interviewed or participate in a debate with Mr. McAleer, but to this point he has rejected my offer. Like many in the oil and gas industry, Mr. McAleer tries to bully his way into the conversation and then take over the conversation, not sit down and have an honest discussion over the subject.

It is also clear that he never intended to be in Winona for the Frozen River Film Festival, but rather utilized this opportunity to gain more publicity. Although the Frozen River Film Festival may not be well-known with the average American, neither is FrackNation, and the dropping of the film got more attention for this film than if it would have been shown. If it weren’t for bad news, FrackNation would have no news at all.

For Gasland Part 2, I was required to produce evidence and legal documents to support every statement that was made in the film. It is doubtful that anything in FrackNation was scrutinized to this level. In FrackNation, my likeness was used without my permission, and with no opportunity to defend myself. The biggest mistake that the Frozen River Film Festival made was not to drop FrackNation, it was to consider it to begin with.  


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