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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Al owne in the kitchen (02/24/2014)
By Al Owne
Bad news, good news, and just news. I was finally so frustrated that I asked an employee of the big grocery that I frequent about the new Pillsbury squeeze bottle pancake batter. He was a meat department person, but he found the dairy stocker who told him that they had only carried it a short time and no longer did. Even though I was heartbroken, I took this unfortunate news with a stiff upper frying pan and left the store empty-handed as far as squeezable pancake batter was concerned. I hated to disappoint the readers who had given and mailed me coupons for that product.

I had a back-up plan though. I had a medical appointment in a city with a newer super large grocery store and I decided to take a few minutes and drive there after my appointment. There I ran into a nice lady stocking shelves and asked right away. She went to the right department, asked, and returned with basically the same news. “No, the shelf space for pancake products was at a premium and squeeze bottle didn’t make the cut.” I think I’ll have to send out scouts to see if anyone sells it in this area.

Good news was not far behind in the batter business. A kind female friend presented me with a gift of a type of “Shake & Bake” batter. This is a plastic bottle with some dry batter mix in it. You add a specific amount of water, shake well and voilŕ you have batter for your Sunday morning pancake breakfast. By gosh I tried it, making sure to measure the water correctly, and poured it into the hot frying pan. It looked a little thin, but it soon turned solid and worked pretty well. If you are interested, it’s a Bisquick product in yellow bottles of different sizes. It seems to have won a place on the shelves in most stores.

I am well known by family and friends to be a world class spiller. This week I could have gold medalled in kitchen spills. I was topping off supper with snacks and decided peanuts would help me sleep well, so I went to the peanut cupboard. I dug out a new 2 lb. 3 oz. plastic jar, opened it while standing, and flipped it upside down on my date book in the office area of the kitchen table. Strangely most of the peanuts remained in the lidless jar which was now, however, bottom up.

“Well, this is interesting,” I thought. I didn’t spill many peanuts in the fall of the jar, but I think getting it upright is going to be a different story. I was right! Now that I can think a little more slowly, I know I could have just used the date book as a lid and tipped it up. The pages were already greasy. I did the first thing that came to mind; I grabbed the jar with two hands and quickly flipped it upright. There were peanuts everywhere. The eight-second rule became the half-hour rule. I’m still finding peanuts in strange places in the kitchen. While I stooped to pick up errant nuts, I thought I could hear gales of laughter from above.

I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Skype at alnada2704@gmail.com.  


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