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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Is this the school district's business? (02/26/2014)
From: Al Kochenderfer

A heartfelt thank you to our C-FC School Board for their time and efforts in running our school district in a good manner. I just happen to strongly disagree with their position/action on this subject.

I just read the C-FC Recorder article titled “C-FC Plots Strategy To Derail Industrial Rezone.”

Something is fundamentally wrong with this attitude and action! Since when does a School District have the authority to get involved with things that are totally removed from their statutory realm? It is their job to run all necessary internal business of our school district, period! They are meddling with the private sector and other levels of government that are none of their business. This action of the C-FC School Board has a negative impact on the economy of the entire county.

They are claiming student/staff safety as the reason for their actions, based on opinion and not on factual information. The right for all legal vehicles with legal operators to travel our federal and state highways in an unimpeded manner has been long established and is not negotiable. Opposing this rezoning is a back door approach of interfering with the above principle of unimpeded commerce/traffic.

Did you ever see the sand blowing on the prairie by our school? The C-FC school building, playgrounds and athletic fields are built on a 100% silica sand field! I don’t believe any student has been negatively affected by this in the last 56 years of operation!

The highest level of diesel exhaust emissions our students are exposed to is from their own school buses idling for quite long periods to warm up and then picking up students in the circle while idling.

Student safety will not be negatively affected. It is the responsibility of every citizen and government to seek out and find the facts, the truth, and use them in making rational decisions.

Our school board and superintendent have taken the position to limit and not promote economic development in the school district and county but rather rely on state aid. This country and county were not built on relying on government assistance!

The state aid must come from somewhere! I just paid thousands of dollars in property taxes and according to the “tax pie” included with my tax bill, nearly 50% of my property taxes went to support the C-FC school district. I would like to see as much economic development in the C-FC District and in Buffalo County as possible so more property owners could share in paying these taxes and add to the vitality of our area AND our school district.

The C-FC District spent $54,000 since 2012 on legal fees fighting private enterprise, specifically the sand industry! This figure is verified correct as of 1 Feb. 2014. This could be better spent on educating our children. All the hundreds of dollars per hour spent on these high-powered attorneys for advice, lawsuits or threats of lawsuits aren’t going to accomplish squat! Our duly elected County Board will make the decision on this proposed rezoning. Quit wasting our money following this frivolous path. I suppose they can legally do this, but this resident opposes this action. If you agree or disagree, I recommend that you call the listed District phone number of 608-687-7771 and state your feelings.

P.S. I find it most interesting that ALL of the other school districts in Buffalo County: Alma, Mondovi, and Gilmington, have not publicly opposed the sand industry or trucking in their districts AND it is within their districts that most of the mining and trucking is occurring???  


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