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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (03/10/2014)
Letís start out with the information I know youíre dying to hear about: the squeeze bottle pancake mix results. I used it last Sunday and I must say that it wasnít bad. Iím sure in the hands of a better cook, it would have been sufficient to make a good batch of pancakes. With me, well, they turned out OK. As usual the first batch was a little dark, but certainly edible, and the rest were pretty good.

I thought the batter was a little thin, but Iím beginning to think my batter is a little too thick because the batter in the friendly yellow add water and shake container was thinner than mine also. So when I get back to mixing it myself, Iíll add a little more water.

There is one caveat with this batter in the bottle. Once opened it must be used within ten days. So this Sunday I have to finish off the bottle. If I have too many, Iíll freeze them like I do waffles. If you are fixing breakfast for more than yourself, I think youíd use the bottle completely. All in all with all the coupons I had, I think Iíll be OK. I want to thank all of you who helped in this venture; if nothing else, it was a lot of fun.

Iím really glad to see better weather in the forecast. There will most likely be more snow, but at least the weather will be warmer with more sunlight. I think Iíve been flirting with depression on these bitter cold dark days. Itís tough being cautious about going out with my fake knee. One slip and Iím back in the hospital or nursing home for therapy. Neither of which would make me be very happy. Iím just so tired of saying, ďNo, Iíd better not go; I might fall down.Ē I like my house and I donít mind curling up in my recliner, but enough is enough. I do get out occasionally, but I have to be sure of whatís going to be underfoot before I make any plans. I like to just walk out the door and go! Someone asked me why I wasnít going to so-and-so and I said, ďIím acting my age.Ē People have told me to act my age all my life and now when I do, they seem confused. Of course now Iím acting like an octogenarian; maybe thatís whatís throwing them off. Come on spring!

One of the chores I pass up in the housekeeping business is cleaning. The sun has come around so that it shines right in the kitchen window on my stove. My stove is one of those fancy ones colored black and aluminum. Itís OK as long it isnít in bright light and thereís no brighter light than spring sunlight. A normal person would say, ďYuck,Ē and get out the cleaning supplies. Iím debating if I can stand it long enough for the sun to move out of the window or if I should bite the bullet and clean it. Of course another factor in cleaning is looking at my social schedule to see who might visit.

Even though newspaper people are talking spring, be careful walking ó the ice from that storm still remains on many walks and parking lots and I hear of many folks falling. If you have to fall, fall in love; at our age, itís easier.

I enjoy reading your e-mails at alnada2704@gmail.com.



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