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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (03/24/2014)
It happened at 11:47 a.m. Thursday; did you feel it? Spring arrived! Or at least it was the time of the Vernal Equinox when the sun rises and sets 12 hours apart. Of course we are talking about at the Equator, not here in the northland. However, discarding the technical terms, it is a nice feeling to reach this point on the calendar. My sign that spring has arrived is when the city ends the alternate-side parking requirement. At this latitude, however, we have not yet crawled out of winter. Was it last May when we had a nice snowfall? But it is a time of hope.

Iíve been successfully Skyping some of my children. One apologized for looking bad in the morning, while I was eating supper. Thereís a little time difference. But I did get to talk face-to-face with one whoís dealing with a medical situation; I even got to talk to the dog. I did drop my I-Pad face-down during a conversation causing the other Skyper to say, ďOh, nice carpeting.Ē

Many people my age wonder at my technical skill, which is woefully lacking. It works like this: a child comes to my house and says, ďAre you on Facebook?Ē I reply something like, ďUm, what?Ē Then this person pushes me out of my computer desk chair, and after a few clicks, Iím on Facebook. Donít ask me how it works. Now I have all these ďfriendsĒ whom Iíve never met and donít know, but I know all about their lives, boyfriends, girlfriends, illnesses, hopes and dreams, and, of course, disappointments. Pretty neat, eh?

It was the same with Twitter, and Skype. If you asked how all this works, I would answer, ďYou mash this here button, and there it is!Ē Of course it requires WiFi, which I only have because one of my technical children wanted to work from my house while here on vacation. (Some vacation.) He said, ďDo you have WiFi?Ē then he saw the look on my face and went to the store. Now I have WiFi which just sits and blinks. Itís kind of nice when the room is dark. The thing is Iím not an elderly nerd, I just figure if itís convenient, and I can use it to communicate with family and friends, Iíll do it if I can.

There have been some untimely deaths around here lately. I guess in a way all deaths are untimely, but when people go at a younger age, it seems even more sad. People are passing who I knew as teens and Iím still plodding away, and thatís kind of hard to understand and hard to deal with. We are coming up on the big Christian holiday which maybe will help me understand.

I remember being taken on a tour of a childrenís oncology department; I said to the doctor in charge that I felt sorry for all cancer patients, but the children bothered me the most. He said that he felt different because the cure rate was much higher so there was more hope in that area than with adults. I guess maybe itís how you look at it. Spring brings hope, so letís shake off our winter depression and enjoy spring and the hope it brings to us.

Donít forget to e-mail me with your comments alnada2704@gmail.com.  


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