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  Friday December 19th, 2014    

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Misinformation and Glacier Sands (03/26/2014)
From: Gary LeMasters

Cochrane, Wis.

From the article titled Glacier Sands Explains Sand Plant Rezone Delay (Winona Post, 3/12/14): “Developers cited misinformation circulated among residents as one reason to hold off on the rezone request, and Nodolf said the first step Glacier Sands will take will be to provide correct information that will be the basis for future dialogue.”

Mr. Nodolf has made a good living from Glacier Sands from the past few years. I understand why he wants to keep the billable hours coming, but this is ridiculous!

Misinformation?? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Let me show you one example of the misinformation put out by Glacier Sands. Go to YouTube, and search for “Glacier Sands.” You will find a short video named “Glacier Sands Attorney Rewrites History.” It is from my video recording of the public hearing on the rezone held at the Cochrane-Fountain City school the evening of March 11, 2014. Watch in amazement as Mr. Nodolf rewrites history and claims that Buffalo County did not reject Glacier’s 2012 application for a rail spur at the same site.

To help you follow along with the video, and for those of you who do not have internet access, here is what Mr. Nodolf said to the Buffalo County Land Resources Committee, composed of Tom Taylor (chairman), Dennis Youngbauer, Fay Passow, and Jim Ziegeweid. My comments in brackets are for clarification.

“Given some of the comments I’ve heard already, I’d like to go back and talk a little bit about the history, because Mr. Squires [the attorney representing C-FC School] has given you a letter and he gave a letter to the school district and frankly that letter has some inaccurate information. The first thing that is inaccurate about that is that [the letter says] ‘Buffalo County has already determined that this type of use in this location is inappropriate.’ [Nodolf continues] For those of you that followed this process what actually occurred is the Board of Adjustment heard a conditional permit application and procedurally the Board of Adjustment determined based on their interpretation of the code we were not properly before them because the land required a rezone. Before that issue was resolved the county rewrote their code so we just elected to go forward with this so to say that this issue has already been determined by Buffalo County is an inaccurate statement and I heard it again tonight so I really wanted to clarify that. The Board of Adjustment did make some comments regarding the project and I think they do bear hearing. They did raise concerns and comments regarding compatible land uses, regarding activities and regarding potential traffic interaction issues.”

What is Mr. Nodolf talking about? On July 24, 2012, the Buffalo County Board of Adjustment voted unanimously to deny the conditional use permit application for a rail spur at the same location! I was there, in the very warm gymnasium at the Alma High School, with nobody to bill my time to. Mr. Nodolf was there, racking up the billable hours. The sound system was working! Why would he pretend it never happened? Surely he did not think he could sneak such an obvious piece of misinformation by Mr. Tom Taylor, the chairman of the Land Resources Committee? Tom has expressed deep concern about misinformation regarding frac sand mining, although to date he has focused on the opposition to strip mining the county. I am sure he feels the same about misinformation from Glacier Sands.

Please spread the word about the video. We have to bring this sort of misinformation into the light of day and we have to send the folks from Texas back south once and for all.



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