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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Al Owne: Suzy Spider (03/31/2014)
Iím getting to be a veteran Skyper; I talked to my Japanese-based child for over an hour last week without losing contact, pushing the wrong button, or dropping my I-Pad on the floor. I was just winding down the day and she was getting up the next day. Iíve always been slow, but now sheís a day ahead of me.

When I began my inside spring cleaning, I lost a friend. I had a pretty large but harmless spider in my shower. I named her Suzy because ďSuzy SpiderĒ had a ring to it. She kept the place pretty bug free and didnít bother me too much so I just left her alone. However, I found that some people donít care much for spiders, and a scream informed me that a guest had spotted Suzy. I did the normal thing and moved the spider and her web nest to the garbage where sheíll probably be a lot happier. Cleaning is a dilemma for me.

Yes, I know I should get someone to come to my house and clean once in a while, but Iím of the old school in that Iíd have to clean up to have someone come in to clean. Eventually Iíll do a super clean job and then invite a cleaning person to come in occasionally to keep it that way. Right now Iím still sorting and you know how messy that can be. I canít just throw stuff away because there are often hidden treasures in bunches of old envelopes. It seems that my late wife, as well as her mother, had a habit of placing important items in with seemingly worthless papers and envelopes. My wife ďrescuedĒ a lot of stuff from my mother-in-lawís house after her passing. Of course you might think that if that stuff was thrown away without me seeing it no one would know the difference. That kind of thinking does not compute in my Depression-era mind. I suppose itís like the ďIf a tree falls in the forestÖĒ kind of question.

Iím sure that future generations will not place a high value on most of that kind of treasure.

Iím still having trouble grocery shopping. I buy way too much of the wrong stuff. If it were canned or boxed, I could give it to food shelves, but most of my over-buying items are those which stink up the refrigerator in a couple of weeks. Maybe I should give in to my friends who urge me to adopt a dog. I could feed it the overages before they spoiled. Iíd be the old guy with the 500-pound miniature poodle.

I spent most of last week working on my taxes. Boy, did I miss my mathematical-minded wife. I have a tendency to give up and say, ďOh, itís only a few dollars; it isnít worth all this work.Ē She would figure it to death to squeeze the last copper Lincoln out. It was not that we were against paying our share of the nationís budget, it was a math challenge for her, and if there was anything that she liked, it was a challenge.

If you are a praying person, please say a prayer for my youngest, who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Iím often found in space at alnada2704@gmail.com.



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