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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Results in for Buffalo, Trempealeau county elections (04/07/2014)
By Chris Rogers
Frac sand opponents won several victories in Trempealeau County and Buffalo County elections last week. A number of races were hotly contested in both counties and, in a rare circumstance, there may be a tie in one Buffalo County race.

Exactly 112 votes each were cast for both Buffalo County District Eight (Buffalo City) candidates Robert Gross and Larry Grisen, according to election workers. In all of her tenure as Buffalo County Clerk, Roxann Halverson had never seen a tie before. She had to call the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board to be briefed on the rules in the case of a tie. There was one absentee ballot expected, which had not been received by the time the Winona Post went to press. If it were delivered before the end of business hours on Friday, it might break the tie. Otherwise, first thing Monday morning, Halverson and her assistants will double-check the tallies made by election workers for errors. If the tie is still not broken, the county clerks draw lots to determine the winner. An actual recount is only done by request of the candidates, who have three days following the lot drawing to request a recount.

In Buffalo County Board election, outspoken frac sand opponent Nettie Rosenow defeated Russell Proschinske by 25 votes; Mary Anne McMillan Urell, who opposed the Cochrane-Fountain City rail facility, bested conservative Errol Doerr; and Douglas Kane, who said frac sand "doesn't really fit" in Buffalo County, beat out John Bauer, who said mining could be done right. Conversely, incumbent James Ziegeweid, who said the cumulative affects of frac sand mining hurt businesses, was unseated by Roger Sendelbach who supports properly regulated sand mining. In Trempealeau County, mining critic Jon Schultz defeated the more moderate Daryl Kramer. Both Schultz and Kramer beat out incumbent frac sand supporter Tom Bice in the primary, though many Bice supporters wrote his name in on the ballot.

Both county boards will have plenty of new faces, with six out of seventeen new commissioners in Trempealeau County. Buffalo County will undergo a major shift in elected representation with nine of 14 supervisors being new to the board.

Buffalo County

District 1- Dennis Youngbauer won with 76 votes. He was unopposed.

District 2 - Allen Carothers won with 87 votes. He was unopposed.

District 3 - Lou Anne Roby won with 130 votes. Troy Marsolek received 120 votes.

District 4 - Don Hillert won with 193 votes. He was unopposed.

District 5 - Write-in Sandy Winberg won with 10 votes. No candidates registered.

District 6 - David Eddy won with 220 votes. He was unopposed.

District 7 - Douglas Kane won with 127 votes. John Bauer received 93 votes.

District 8 - Robert Gross and Larry Grisen tied with 112 votes each.

District 9 - David Danzinger won with 147 votes. He was unopposed.

District 10 - Nettie Rosenow won with 197 votes. Russell Pronschinske received 172 votes.

District 11 - Roger Sendelbach won with 115 votes. James Ziegeweid received 109 votes.

District 12 - John Kriesel won with 100 votes. Kevin Rich received 69 votes.

District 13 - Jason Mork won with 116 votes. Jeff Falk received 99 votes.

District 14 - Mary Anne McMillan Urell won with 143 votes. Errol Doerr received 69 votes.

Trempealeau County

District 1 - Richard Frey won with 81 votes.

District 2 - Douglas Winters won with 82 votes.

District 3 - Sally Miller won with 53 votes.

District 4 - Wade Britizius won with 135 votes.

District 5 - Jon Schultz won with 94 votes. Daryl Kramer received 79 votes. There were 44 write-ins, many of which were for Tom Bice.

District 6 - George Brandt won with 174 votes. Donald Kryzer received 84 votes.

District 7 - Rob Reichwein won with 120 votes.

District 8 - Dick Miller won with 91 votes.

District 9 - Michelle Haines won with 156 votes.

District 10 - Jon Aasen won with 58 votes.

District 11 - Wayne Skorch won with 75 votes.

District 12 - Timothy Zeglin won with 142 votes. David Larson received 129 votes.

District 13 - Olin Femreite won with 100 votes.

District 14 - Michael Nelson won with 85 votes.

District 15 - Jeanne Nutter won with 112 votes.

District 16 - Curtis Skoyen won with 100 votes.

District 17 - Ernest Vold won with 51 votes. 


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