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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Al Owne: Death, taxes, and a child's cookbook (04/14/2014)
Iím ready to mail in the checks to pay my federal and state income taxes and I have my property taxes set out to remind me to take care of them. Someone once said that the only sure things in life were death and taxes. I guess thatís true, but I know when Iím dealing with taxes spring is nearby, so itís sort of an upbeat time.

Iím finally getting used to daylight savings time. I get up in the morning easier and go to bed at the proper time. My stomach is a different story; it takes a long time for my stomach to change; itís about one half hour ahead now.

I was successful in using Skype again this week and talked face-to-face with my really far away child and my pretty far away child. Iím still in awe of that kind of electronic communication. Iím not saying I donít think itís possible, but I wonder at the little device I use to do it. I would think one would need something larger than a seven by four inch mini-TV to make it happen.

Easter is gearing up to come blasting into my memory banks. Easter is a holiday that was important to my late wife and me. Therefore itís harder to face it alone than some of the others. We did the whole thing; dressing the kids up in fancy outfits, mostly hand-made in the early days, the hidden candy, the big ham dinner, and the many long church visits. It was really an important family affair. Even after the children left the nest, my wife and I had a traditional Easter season. Now I just hope it will be a reasonable day, weather-wise, so I can get out of the house after being in solitary confinement this winter. As is true in all of these holidays, we have the memories to treasure.

On a lighter note my springtime medical visits were all successful. All the doctors and nurses were pleasant and friendly and that makes it somewhat easier. Itís funny; as you get older your life revolves around medical visits. I spent 36 years without seeing a doctor except for colds, the flu, and emergency room visits for doing dumb things usually having to do with athletics. Now when I jokingly said, ďIím here so often, I should get a room,Ē they took me up on it.

Every once in awhile I read the food section in the Twin Cities newspaper I read hoping that Iíll come across some easy recipe that I can use. Iím usually frustrated by the amount, ďServes 24,Ē or the uniqueness of some of the ingredients. A nice reader sent me a single male cookbook which I use occasionally and am forever grateful for, but I still look for something different. A thought occurred to me recently (wow) ó how about a childís cookbook? I wonder if the female members of my family left such a thing among the many cookbooks on shelves around here? I doubt it; I think when my daughters were young, they were supposed to learn kitchen skills by doing the same.

Smile; the snow is gone, the ice is slowly receding from the lake shores, and the sun is high in the sky ó itís spring.

Take advantage of our wonderful walking/bike trails. You can reach me at alnada2407@gmail.com.  


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