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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Attack of the huggers (04/21/2014)
ďIt ainít fair!Ē Thatís my new motto for life. Donít worry, Iíve had that proven to me several times in the last 80-some years, not just lately. It came to mind the other day while I was thinking about the upcoming wedding of my eldest grandson. His will be the first grandkid wedding for me; I know we are slow at this wedding business, but it runs, or creeps, in the family. What isnít fair about it is that my late wife wonít be there. She has not had the chance to see her grandchildren bloom in the garden of life.

I guess Iíll have to be doubly involved rather than sit around whining about having to get dressed up and be nice to people for a whole weekend. Oh, and the hugging that Iíll have to endure. Iím just jesting of course, so donít rip this column to shreds in anger while yelling, ďWhatís wrong with that old fool?!Ē No, while Iím not a hugger, I understand the concept and will gladly accept the heartfelt hugs of strangers.

But my wife had a special feeling for her grandchildren, and Iím saddened that she wonít be there to take part and witness the ceremony and happy aftermath. Maybe she will; I hope so.

There are not many things worse than seeing little children hunting for Easter eggs in the white of a late Minnesota snow. As I write this, the weather looks pretty good and I hope the predictions come true. A little rain I can take, but no white stuff please.

Iíve eaten out more than usual lately for a number of reasons, mostly medical appointments, so I havenít had much of a chance to poison myself. Soon Iíll get my grill going. I have to get it out of its hiding place and clean the squirrel nest out of it before I prepare food on it. Iíve tried burning it out; while that works, it takes a week or two for the smell to dissipate. You mightíve guessed that the grill is a little old. You are right; if it were human, it could vote, drink, and might be getting mail from AARP. Itís certainly good enough for my style of cooking; Iím no better on the patio than in the kitchen, only it isnít as dangerous because I can run in case of fire. When I shop in my favorite clothing store and walk past those huge grills, I wonder why anyone would need a kitchen. I guess it would be OK to apply one of my other favorite sayings to the grill business: ďJust because you own a hammer, it doesnít make you a carpenter.Ē

I have to go clothes shopping again. Last time I ended up with two shirts and a pair of pants that need to be ironed, which means they donít get worn much and spend a lot of time in the guest/ironing room. Maybe Iíll wait till the wedding gets closer; Iíll probably have to wear something besides my 1960s leisure suit, eh?

I hope you are having a nice Easter with your family and friends.

Donít forget, you may reach me at alnada2407@gmail.com. 


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