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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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Al Owne: The bread dilemma (04/28/2014)
Your 50-year-old husband of 27 years is killed in an auto accident, and you’re left alone with the children. What worse can happen? A young widow in the Twin Cities area found out recently. When she returned home from the funeral, she was shocked to find the home had been burglarized!

You might say, as the local priest said, “Who could be so low as to take advantage of someone in such a situation.” Well, unfortunately, a lot of criminally-minded people.

Occurrences like this happened so many times that newspapers stopped providing address information in the obituary columns. Because this was an accidental death of a popular younger person I suppose that some person saw an opportunity to take advantage of the news story information for an opening to perform the deed.

If your reaction is, “Oh, that couldn’t happen here,” please stop reading! Someone has suggested getting a house sitter for families involved in funerals. I know that’s a sad comment on our society, but I guess it’s true.

On a lighter note, I’ve been in a discussion about bread. Yes, I have an exciting life. Going along with my constant complaint of food stores not catering to the single person, the bread situation is especially bad. I go shopping and buy a loaf of bread large enough to feed a large crowd along with fishes knowing that if I don’t perform some miracle, at least half of it is going to suffer from mold. I can eat a lot of bad stuff that I fix, but one smidgen of mold makes me reverse swallow, as the kids say.

My solution to this problem is to take half a loaf and put it in the freezer until the other half is used. This kind of mocks the saying “Half a loaf is better than none,” because the frozen half usually isn’t all that tasty. Not only that, but I’ve been told putting bread in the freezer is not good; even Sheldon Cooper, and the food critic Ruben Donato, have made that known.

So what am I supposed to do? Should I go against my depression-era nature and just throw half the loaf away? Maybe I should just trim the moldy parts off the slices as I use them. Honestly I can’t see either of them happening so I need another solution. Of course the best thing would be for Healthy Hearth or Sara Lee to make a half a loaf of bread for folks like me. I can’t see that happening either, although someone told me of a local store having a small loaf with a French name. I’m going to check that out. Then I can quit yelling at people, “Don’t throw away that bread wrapper; I need it for the freezer bread!”

“April showers bring May flowers;” but, “April snows bring angry Minnesotans.” I’m pretty tired of anything winter right now. The Native Minnesotans had names for the moons like the “Snowshoe Breaking Moon.” We should name the moons at this time of the year the “What coat do I wear Moon.”

If you have an answer for my bread problem, tell me: alnada2407@gmail.com.  


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