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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Al Owne: The perfect pancake (05/12/2014)
I hope all you mothers out there are having a good day. How can we set aside only one day to honor mothers? I think each day is Motherís Day for most people. From what little I can remember of my mother in her short stay on earth, she not only gave me life, but was there to protect me and nurture me.

Though it was a long time ago I can still remember the look on my motherís face when I was injured on the school playground while playing ďCrack the WhipĒ and went face down in the gravel with a bunch of other kids who were running behind me. (The gravel playground was the cause of many injuries.) The school nurse cleaned my face up and walked me the few blocks home. When my mother opened the door and saw the mess of my bloody face, her expression was one of shock, concern, and compassion that is etched in my memory.

Of course Iíve also remembered the look on her face when Rexís father came roaring out of the house when my female friend Marnie and I were throwing sand in Rexís hair. As he chased us, I cursed my inherent slowness along with Marnieís speed. I was caught and carried to the front door. The look of concern was there but it was tempered with a look hinting of things to come.

As I got older I realized there was a universal look of mothers concerned with their childrenís health and well-being. Age of children is immaterial as far as a motherís worry and care are concerned. When you are born, you automatically inherit your motherís unconditional, unending love.

So for all of you mothers, young or old, a very happy Motherís Day!

Updating a couple items around the house; the bread Iím storing in the refrigerator is holding up well so far. I did use the big, 12-inch frying pan to make one pancake at a time last Sunday and they turned out excellently. No kidding; they looked just like the ones I get at the local eateries. It was kind of scary when I looked at that first perfect pancake. My first thought was, ďBoy, thatís great,Ē my second thought was, ďWhat am I going to write about now?Ē

After an episode in which I wore a path to the smallest room in the house, Iíve become a little more concerned with kitchen health issues. Iím not sure I did poison myself, but thereís a pretty good chance my sloppiness was to blame. Iím a little more careful with leftover storage and the utensils I use to prepare them. Iím afraid that my lack of concern about dates on cans might be a hazard to my digestive health, so maybe Iíll be getting rid of some of those 2009 cans. I would give some of that stuff away, but my late wife and I used to date them in magic marker to be able to keep track which to use first. It would be a little unkind to put cans marked ď99Ē in the bag for postal employeesí food pick up day.

Happy Motherís Day! Reach me at alnada2407@gmail.com.

Editorís note: Dear Al, I have some ideas for more cooking adventures. Crepes and popovers are both foods that seem to require a bit of magic to cook properly, and I would think that would make for some terrific column fodder. My mom was great at popovers, and watching her as a kid, I thought it would be easy. I tried one time, and it was an epic fail. Maybe Iíll give it a go this weekend and let you know some tips. (More likely, Iíll end up letting you know what I think I did wrong so you can avoid it.) Happy cooking! 


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