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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Al Owne: Get with it! (05/28/2014)
I was issued a challenge recently to jump into creative cookery by making the relatively newly popular French egg dish, quiche, and the relatively old popular baking morsel, popovers. I’m still planning my attack on those two items, but I did answer a kitchen challenge from another direction.

One of my lovely lady aquaintences chided me for making my pancakes with a mix and told me more or less to get with it and make my pancakes from scratch.

As luck would have it, one of my children had said the same thing and gave me a sure fire recipe. He, however, scribbled it in “kitchenese” on a scrap of paper which could have been in French as far as I was concerned. He then re-wrote it in layman’s terms on the back of an envelope where all good recipes seem to be.

Last Sunday morning I dug the envelope recipe out of the knives, spatula, and measuring spoon drawer where it is safely stored, and went to work. I have learned a few things in my nearly four-year stint in front of the stove, so preparations went pretty well until my newly acquired tremor kicked in while measuring the baking powder, sending baking powder flying around the kitchen and causing me to lose track of the amount going in the big orange bowl I was using. Since I didn’t know how much was in the bowl, I put a little more in for safe baking. I later found that of all the ingredients, baking powder was probably the safest to miss measure. It simply made the cakes fluffier.

After letting my homemade batter rest five minutes, I got to work. I made a full batch because I didn’t trust my math skills enough to cut the recipe in half. (I think I was sick the semester we did division of fractions.) So I spent quite a while making pancakes in the middle of my 12-inch frying pan. I know enough now to realize I am not skilled enough to mix eating and frying to have it turn out well, so I do one at a time. Since I only made one at a time, they were big so I only ate two. They were quite good; nice and fluffy because of the aforementioned tremor, and tasty besides. The ones I spared, I put on a plate, in a plastic bag, and into the freezer for later quick breakfasts. I felt so proud of myself I clapped.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on the quiche/popover challenge. I’m still searching my family cookbook collection for recipes. I think I need to get to the more modern batch; my 1948 edition went right from “P” to “R” skipping “Q.” I did find a recipe for cornmeal mush which I remember eating as a child. There were none in “Henry’s Household Hints,” 1939. I have found popovers and will try them when I get the courage and find out what they mean by, “…making a well in the mixed salt and flour.” I will keep you posted.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, a day for us to remember those who have gone before us. Alnada2407@gmail.com  


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