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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Al Owne: Kitchenese (in English, please) (06/02/2014)
I hope you made it through Memorial Day OK; itís a tough one sometimes. I know. I was asked to make some comments about losing Army buddies for the Winona Post and I had to refuse. I felt bad because I always like to help out other writers, but I just didnít want to open those boxes again now. A few months ago, I was involved in a journalistic episode completely unrelated to me which opened some 63-year-old boxes about an event in which I lost some good friends. One of those shows a year is a great plenty.

One of the wonderful things my late wife did for me was teach me how to put some bad memories into boxes and close them rather than have them all running around my head at the same time. Itís like trying to control a litter of puppies at once instead of one at a time; itís crazy, but by putting each one in a box and opening it only when necessary, there is some amount of control.

I donít think there is a closer relationship than between buddies in a combat situation. Yes, a husband or wife comes close, but usually there isnít a constant threat of being killed. (Some folks may argue that point after enduring an argument about whoís taking out the trash or changing a diaper.)

So fortunately I made it through OK, while being able to take part in the very well done ceremonies here in Winonaís Veterans Park. There are very few communities that show their appreciation for veterans as much as Winona. You should feel proud; I do.

On a stickier note, I was presented an early Fatherís Day gift by one of my sons and daughters-in-law: a griddle! (No, not girdle Ė griddle.) It seems every time she wants to buy me something, I beat her to the check out and have found the same product on sale somewhere; she beat me this time. I havenít cranked it up yet but plan on it today. Look out now, omelets and pancakes! Using that device will take away the problem of uneven heat that I have with the frying pans. It will also give me more spatula flipping room so that my planned omelets donít always end up being scrambled eggs.

Iím still researching quiche and its French origins. I checked the favorite dog-eared ďJoy of Cooking,Ē revised and enlarged, cookbook recipe which once again was Greek rather than French to me, but at least I found somewhere to start. This cookbook is not quite as old as some others. I noticed my wife had written her name and address in the front. The address would indicate it would be in the 1969-era, which is pretty new in my cookbook supply. It is one thing for me to try to interpret kitchenese, but for Marion and Irma to show off their French, I was in some pretty deep eau. Donít fret however. If Iím nothing else, Iím stubborn. If they want quiche, theyíll get quiche. I have a cookbook sent to me by a reader, the ďMan without a Mate Cookbook.Ē Bob Lunt has a quiche recipe, and itís in English kitchenese.

Enjoy this wonderful weather!

Reach me at Al Owne alnada2704@gmail.com.



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