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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Al Owne: Griddling, slowly (06/09/2014)
I will be observing the fourth anniversary of my wifeís passing in the coming week so Iím not sure how things will go. I guess Iím still in a state of shock. It isnít that I donít accept the fact that sheís gone; itís just that itís hard to believe that itís permanent. I live in a sort of suspended animation waiting for her to come back.

Seventy years ago today we were marveling at the fact that the Allied troops had invaded France, then held by Nazi German forces. I remember we had two blue stars in the window representing the service of two of my older brothers. Most of my schoolmates were in the same situation, and so every recess had a talk session filled with rumors and gossip as well as play. It was a difficult but interesting time to be a kid; we were pushed into adulthood very quickly by wartime happenings.

I talk about difficulties in cooking now, but imagine how hard it was for women who were raised with the goal of being the chief food preparation person, trying to provide for the family with a ration book menu. I remember my grandmother, with whom I lived, crying one day as she had to serve a ring of bologna for Sunday dinner on a table set with the traditional white cloth and napkins.

I know there are younger widowed folks around, but as Iíve mentioned before, most of the widowers I know are what we refer to as ďseniors.Ē I write with that age group in mind so if you are a younger widowed person, please feel free to yell at me and offer some suggestions for future columns. I would like to know why advertisers think that all of the models for older folks type ads have to have 20-year-old bodies and a smile. It seems that most of the ads for step-in tubs and security alarms could as easily be used as toothpaste ads. Why is it the real seniors I meet donít have that perfect smile (or body) and usually arenít smiling anyway. Greetings are usually followed by utterings of how much feet hurt or other bodily pains. AARPís publications are the worst, and they know who their ads are directed at.

I used the griddle to warm up some of my frozen challenge pancakes last Sunday. Iím working my way into griddling slowly to avoid disasters if possible. Some of my earlier kitchen problems could have probably been prevented by reading directions and going a little slower. I never did that in earlier life, so I guess it was natural for me to approach kitchening the same haphazard way. Iím still researching quiche recipes looking for one that offers me at least a small percentage of success. Iíve only eaten quiche once, since itís not offered at most fast food establishments. I wonder if they have fast quiche places in France?

Donít forget; next week is our annual Steamboat Days celebration. My first visit to Winona was to march in the Steamboat Days parade in 1956. 


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