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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Al Owne: Belated Father's Day (06/23/2014)
Iím sorry, guys. I completely forgot Fatherís Day last week. Thatís kind of typical isnít it? Motherís Day is a big deal, as it should be. After all, a woman carries a child for nine months and goes through the birthing procedure, and is really the main caretaker for the first few, important years of a childís life. Fathers just kind of get in the way for a while.

My youngest child decided to take a long time to enter this world. One of the doctors involved decided that I looked like I was about ready to pass out from exhaustion, so he took me to a quiet room with a cot and told me to take a break. ďWeíll let you know if anything happens,Ē he said. So I took advantage of his offer.

Apparently the medical staff forgot about me so I awoke the next morning, staggered out into the hallway, and ran into a whole new group of people, including an expectant mother who wasnít my wife! Someone realized who this shaggy, sleepy, sloppy, unshaven person was and directed me to my wife, who had given birth during the night and didnít seem to miss me.

My young son was having some kind of a blood problem and it turned out he was the last newborn to experience this particular situation at that facility, so he was being treated as a celebrity. Student nurses were brought in to see his yellow skin while I, the father, was ignored.

Thatís kind of the way Fatherís Day is; even I, the father of a number of children, do not get the attention that a woman, the mother of one, gets. Iím not complaining. The mothers deserve all they get and more. Me, Iím happy to spend the day putzing around in the garage. So I wish all you fathers out there a belated happy Fatherís Day. (I could keep the ďbelatedĒ card people in business.)

I did get phone calls from each coast, east and west, and a Skype conversation with my really far away daughter. I realize too that they are all busy with family matters, so I try not to be selfish.

Iím getting into this French eating business. I had a ďcrepeĒ (creep) for breakfast the other morning. It was OK, but letís face it; it was just a sideways pancake with some fruit in it. Next time I make pancakes, Iíll take one off the griddle early, wrap a banana (peeled) in it, drizzle a little syrup on it, and call it ďcreepy.Ē

Iím sorry I havenít ventured into any cooking or baking experiences lately, but I have been busy. I donít know if Iím so busy or just slow. It takes me twice as long to do half as much these days. I was once called the slowest child in Stark County, and I guess I havenít sped up much, but I promise to get at it one of these days.

I had a good old fashioned American breakfast yesterday after solidifying my perennial last place finish in the Team Vogel vs. Cancer one mile walk/run.

Stay dry, and email me at alnada2704@gmail.com. 


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