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Traditions... (11/07/2004)
From: Joe Losinski


My dad used to ask me, Joe, if some one would jump in the river, would you jump in the river too? After a number of years I wondered where that saying came from, and now I realize that it coincides with man's traditions, so we do what others do, follow man's traditions.

I find so-called godly men who preach from the Bible, follow man's traditions. Most churches decorate an "evergreen tree," erect it in the church, and call it the Christmas celebration of Jesus' birth. In fact, I once asked a Baptist preacher not long ago, if the Bible states not to do as the heathens do, cut a green tree, fasten it for display and decorate, would you do that too? He said, "I'd not only have one, but two of them." This told me that man who preaches the word, denies it at the same time.

Christmas is one of the biggest pagan holidays in the Christian life today, yet man follows man to destruction, kind of jumping in the river. (Jer.10: 2-4 ) If a green tree is not an idol, then why is it so hard to give up? Man actually thinks he is giving God honor by saying it's time to celebrate His birth. In fact, if Jesus wanted His birth celebrated, He would have told us in His word. In fact, God condemns man's traditions, see Mark 7: 8-9 and Colossians 2: 8. Rejecting God's word, and keeping rudiments or traditions is one sermon I have never heard in any church. Today preachers will follow man's traditions.

Mixing a pagan holiday with the birth of Christ is none other then pollution of His name and God is clear, Jeremiah 7: 30 and Ez. 20: 31-39 "Pollute My Holy Name no more". Those who think they are Christians, examine yourselves, whether you are with God, or against God. 2 Cor. 13: 5.

There are many religions of this world, and most think they serve the Almighty, yet bring to their end destruction only because of rejecting God's word in whole or in part.

Many religions will pray to false gods, only because of man's traditions, or what can be called, "brainwashed." People will follow traditions generally because of habit or pagan practice, which makes them "feel good." We have God's word, the Bible to follow, knowing that the letters, BIBLE, means Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. Most church people will go to church, relying on the preacher to give them this basic information, when all one has to do is study for yourself. Relying on man for salvation is like jumping in the river, hoping you won't drown. It's good to seek one another opinion, only to build on our own, like testing the water before thinking of jumping.

We are to worship and pray only to one God, known as the Triune God. This does not include any other saint, or Mary, or other false gods. But man has ways to distort that view, putting destruction to your end. So when you think of man's traditions, think on what God has to say in His word, follow Him, not man, don't take mine or any man's word for your salvation, look it up, because eternity is a very long time to spend in torment. 


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