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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Endure sound doctrine! (08/07/2005)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

The Winona Post readers have read another letter full of untruthfulness. Here is some of the untruthfulness. Untruth No. 1, Biblical Christians are fear-driven. No. Biblical Christians are wonderfully joy-driven. Untruth No. 2, Biblical Christians are in for a rough ride because they believe in a literal hell. Biblical Christians are not at all fearful of hell because they have been graciously saved from eternal damnation. Untruth No. 3, Thoughts of hell produce fear, lots and lots of fear for the Biblical Christian. Biblical Christians have absolutely no fear of hell because they will not be going to hell. Untruth No. 4, Biblical Christians are shaky, hell believers. Why should Biblical Christians be afraid? They are going to spend eternity in heaven. Untruth No. 5, They are forced to grab hold of something solid - Jesus Christ. Biblical Christians have willingly and joyously accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Untruth No. 6, Biblical Christians are extra paranoid. A Biblical Christian's faith does not result in mental disorders. They are not hostile toward others and they do not have a baseless or excessive distrust of others. Untruth No. 7, It takes a speculative, extra-Biblical faith to believe everything in God's Bible. Biblical Christians have child-like faith, which God requires. In other words, we are not to doubt the word of God. Untruth No. 8, It is an ingenious trap (huh?!) to believe all of God's word, including a literal hell. God doesn't trap or fool anyone and man has not added the many verses about hell into God's holy word. It would have been absolute senselessness for these learned men to have added all the verses about hell to Scripture. Untruth No. 9, Biblical Christians are in a panic state of mind. Biblical Christians are saved and have no reason to be in a panic state of mind. Untruth No. 10, Biblical Christians shouldn't defend God's word strongly because there are errors in His Bible. Satan would love this. The less God's word is defended, the more people the devil may be able to deceive. Untruth No. 11, There should be alternative points of view about God's word. Wrong. It's God's point of view - God's way. Period! End of discussion! Untruth No. 12, Nobody will have to go to hell. God has a way for everyone to escape hell, but the deceivers of God's word will not accept His way of salvation. Why? Because of their unbelief. Untruth No. 13, Biblical Christians are dreadfully fearful of hell. Once again, they are assured of not having to go to hell, so why would they be afraid? Untruth No. 14, Biblical Christians are only concerned about themselves and their family members. Biblical Christians know that God wants everyone to get saved. They know that God wants them to tell others about His free gift of eternal life. Untruth No. 15, Christ is 100% victorious over sin, death and Satan, so everyone will be going to heaven. Every version of God's word has God's plan of salvation in it. We are only assured of heaven by God's way, not by any of man's ways. Untruth No. 16, God has accomplished His task, so we will all get to heaven - even murderers, rapists, terrorists, those who hate God, etc. God has accomplished His task but man has failed by accepting unorthodox doctrine and by adding deception to God's truth. Untruth No. 17, Biblical Christians are held in bondage by fear. The devil holds people in bondage - God does not. Why would Biblical Christians be fearful of a God who has saved them from eternal damnation in hell? Untruth No. 18, Biblical Christians believe they are the only ones saved because they believe the KJV of the Bible. It is not the words of the Bible that save us, it is the God of the Bible that saves us.

How does the writer of this untruthful letter (dated July 24, 2005) know that the KJV and all other versions of the Bible have errors in them? Has he compared the KJV with the original manuscripts?

Regardless of what has been written, we need to forgive as God states in Matthew 18:21-22 and continue to endure sound doctrine.

Ponder I Timothy 6:1-5 II Timothy 4:2-5 II Peter 2:2-10 II Thessalonians 2:9-17



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