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If the bowling season ended right now, Keri Prigge would have the highest women's average ever bowled in the city of Winona, and Josh Wenzel would quietly have his third consecutive men's average title.

The season, however, doesn't end now. There's still a lot of bowling to be done. But catching Prigge and Wenzel will not be an easy task.

Prigge, who's gunning for her second straight average title and fourth of her career, is averaging a sizzling 216.8 so far this season in the Sunsetters League at Westgate Bowl. The highest women's average ever recorded in Winona came from Krystal Dorman, who recorded a 211 in the 2002-03 season.

Prigge has turned in a city-high 20 national honor counts this year, including nine scores of 650 or better.

Mandi Steffes sits in second behind Prigge with a 204.1 average in the Pin Topplers League at Westgate. Steffes has rolled the highest women's series so far this season with a 771.

Keri Wegman, who has thrown three 700s, is currently third with a 202.3 average in the Alley Gaters League at Westgate. Dorman, who's rolled 17 honor counts, stands in fourth with a 202.0 average. Prigge also has the fifth best average with a 201.3 in the Spinners League at Winona Bowl.

Also averaging over 200 is Diane Marley with a 200.5 in the Lamplighter League.

Rounding out the women's top 10 are Tina Wenzel (198.1), Maggie Glenn (196.5), Dorman (194.0) and Lindsay Serwa (193.4).

If someone could ever quietly average 234, it would be Josh Wenzel. He's carrying a 234.7 average in the American League, and that's with only six honor counts. Consistency has been the key to his success.

That could also be said about Nick Heilman, who's at 226.7, also in the American League. He's rolled just five honor counts, with the highest being a 712.

Jason Michalak is making quite a name for himself this season with a 225.6 average in the Action League at Westgate. Greg Schewe's 225.0 average in the Knights of Columbus League ranks fourth.

Brian Fakler, who leads all men with 14 700 series, holds down the fifth and sixth highest averages at 224.2 and 223.5 at Winona Bowl.

Steve Maliszewski (223.1), Dave Hultgren (222.5), Matt Wise (222.3) and Joe Jasnoch (221.9), who has the top men's series of the year with an 805, round out the top 10.

Dale Bartelson's 232.7 mark would be No. 2 on the list, but he's bowled only 24 games in the American League.

There are three other bowlers - Adam Stockhausen (221.8), Tod Walters (220.4) and Tyler Brown (220.3) - averaging better than 220.

Who's hot?

Steve Brown and Troy Evans tossed perfect games on back-to-back nights late last week at Westgate Bowl. Brown's 300 game came in the Action League on Thursday, while Evans had his on Friday in the Masters League at Westgate. It was the second perfect game in Winona for both bowlers.

Brown had the top men's series in the past week with a 743.

Joining him with 700s were John Glowczewski (727), Jerry Kouba (724), Jerry Koutsky (705), Dale Bartelson (704), Rick Prenot (702) and Jerry Dalleska (702).

Pat Beech paced the ladies with an impressive 688 honor count in the Mixers League at Westgate. It was her first 600 of the season.

In the same league, Danielle Walters fired her first career honor count with a 624 series.


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