A BIG thank you from Jefferson School!


From: Cheri Eddy Crigler

Playground Chair

The Playground Committee for Jefferson School would like to thank all the individuals, businesses or organizations that graciously donated monetarily or in kind towards the new playground. We would also like to thank the parents, neighbors, service organizations and students who worked tirelessly for two days in August getting the playground built. While I would like to mention all the helpful parties involved in this project, this would turn from a letter into a guest editorial! Rather, please stop over to the playground to read the list of generous contributors, displayed on the new signs. While you're there, try out a new swing or climb on our rock climbing wall or rest in the shade of our pavilion. You might even want to come back".

There are however, a team of dedicated Jefferson parents/staff from the playground committee that should be publicly thanked. They worked tirelessly on this effort, and they are: Mary Cappel, Mindy Reinardy, Connie Schoh, Judy Kitching, Tammy Eastep, Margaret Schild, Kris Nibblelink, LeeAnn Pozanc, Mohammad Hasan, Jackie Lafky and Sue Berg. And finally, when we were scrambling to find someone to build the pavilion, Jefferson parents Dave Schultz and his team of Dan Stevens and John Hansen stepped to the plate and built the pavilion in 98 degree heat! Thank you very much gentlemen!

The children, parents, grandparents, neighbors and community will benefit from this new playground for many years to come. Thank you to all for helping us bring this dream to reality!

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