Could God Be Me?


The churchmen say

After long searching

That God’s real name

is really “ZAP.”

How strange this seems

To a man who always

Believed that the name of God was God

To now call Him ZAP.

(Plural is ‘ZAPPITY ZAP’ Father and Son...)

I understand they believe

In the sanctity of a God who explodes in color.

But they emphasize the power of ZAP

with periods after each letter

(As in 1.2.3. or in trouble call Him 9.1.1.)

And there you have it, a brand new God

turned into ZAP.


We should continue to look around

for a superior design

Like FYB or CCC, or USA.

But for myself, hoping you might agree,

I would rename God as a manlike Me,

Mister E.F.P.

Earl Potvin


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