Voegeli proud government aid helped when private assistance failed 2007 flood victims


by Sarah Squires

Winona County Commissioner Dwayne Voegeli said goodbye Tuesday during his last meeting as a County Board member after eight years. He thanked his family and said that one of the things he’s most proud about is the 2007 flood and the county’s response to citizen needs. The way that people turned to government in a time of need, and the way that government responded with aid when private assistance failed, he said, was a highlight. And although elected officials might get the most attention in the media, Voegeli said that he wanted to compliment the staff who do the real work. He listed the county’s Economic Development Authority, the new building addition, and government transparency policies (as requested by the Winona Post) as some of the positive changes he’d seen during his tenure with the board. “I’m proud to serve in government,” he said. “I will miss it, but also it will be wonderful to have part of my life back.”


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