Dancing With Angels


It is over! It is past! Not so! Christmas is! Yes it is! God’s on earth! God is among us! Remember Immanuel? God with us? He is with us but He is no longer the God Who gives the Ten Commandments with flashes of lightning on a smoking Mount Sinai but the God Who speaks gently and with kindness in a human body to His very own kind, to the whole human race! God is in human flesh. No longer is He the God Who acts at only particular times as He did with the prophets in the Old Testament, but He is the God Who completely assumes our nature and through His flesh, like ours, lifts up the human race. And in so doing He lifts us up to Him.

Look deeply into the mystery. God comes in the flesh in order to destroy the death concealed in our flesh inherited from Adam’s doubt and disobedience. This is done in same way medications triumph over corruption that gets into the body. Or the way the risen sun transforms the pitch darkness of night into the brightness of day and dispels the darkness which reigns in a house with the entry of its light. So death, which held human nature in its power, was annihilated by the coming of the Risen Christ into the flesh of man. Death reigned until the Coming of Christ. When the saving grace of God appeared and the sun of justice rose, death was swallowed up in this victory; being unable to withstand the coming of True Life among us, death was defeated once and for all. Oh, the depth of the goodness of God and His love for all of us!

So let us give glory to God with the shepherds. Let us dance and join in the chorus with angels, “For a Savior is born to us Who is Christ the Lord” this day and every day. He is the Lord Who has appeared to us, not in His divine form in order to terrify or scare us in our weakness, but in the form of a servant, that He might set us free from what became our servitude to sin. Who could be so faint hearted and so ungrateful as to not rejoice and exalt in gladness for what is taking place in Christmas (which is now always)? So this day, and every day, Adam’s condemnation has been lifted from us. We no longer have to say “you are dust and to dust you shall return” but rather, “united to Him Who is in heaven, you will be lifted up to heaven.”

The above words and thoughts are mostly from the homily of Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea, taken from out of the Forum Letter, Volume 42 number 12, Let Us Dance with the Angels.


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