Too many committees


From: John Adams

Mazeppa, MN

The DFL keeps dreaming up new excuses to steal more of your money for themselves. Their latest plot enables them to spend more days at the Capitol so they can continue collecting per diem. What mischievous nonsense has allowed them to do this? Simply by increasing the number of legislative committees to three times what they normally have been.

Now we hear of an even newer slick scheme from Senator Steve Murphy. Murphy wants to hire a fourth investigation team to the tune of $500,000.00 to find out why the I-35 bridge failed. Of course his real reason for another team is that he gets to pick a DFL friendly, Minneapolis law firm to conduct the investigation. By doing this he can be sure the trumped-up findings will point directly at the Pawlenty administration. As a bonus, the DFL Corruption Caucus gets yet another few days of per diem.

Call Senator Murphy and tell him to stop his senseless waste, fraud and abuse. The $500,000.00 could better be spent on actually building the new I-35 bridge.


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