‘No’ to big factory dog kennels


From: Gayle Goetzman

When is enough already ENOUGH!

When is bigger better? When there are problems caring for what you already have with neighbors experiencing excessive noise from barking dogs, the health from too many dogs not getting the care needed, the amount of space needed for each animal’s exercise, the excessive smell that bothers others, the lack of social interaction each puppy/dog needs to be happy and feel accepted, the large number of good dogs at dog pounds needing adoption, and the time and energy required for county authorities to check up on these large puppy mills. I believe Winona County Planning Commissioners should have proactively avoided great problems by not approving the permits.

My experience owning a stable in Winona County is that I’m limited by the number of horses I can keep on my 170 acres. Even I cannot control the rain runoff on my acres since the huge subdivision was built in our valley and which was never a problem before. With the great influx of homes, concrete, lawn herbicides and pesticides, plus the immense automobile noise and air pollution, problems do arise that the common citizen has to learn to live with.

Animal and human welfare should be of utmost importance; however, I believe there’s great power in money and bigger produces more money, not greater welfare. Our local dog and cat pound knows the huge amount of labor and other responsibilities even one extra animal brings in that is properly cared for.

Any puppy mill needs a limited number of animals and it’s my opinion 25 animals is way large enough to favorably impact a family’s income. We no longer live in the dark ages where farmers could do as they pleased or needed to make a living; however, once approved and permits recorded, supervision or violations will be most difficult to control. The hard working Amish live mostly by their own rules, in rural areas out of the public eye and loopholes in kennel inspections by the state of Minnesota could be numerous. It’s my belief that more than 25 animals per family is enough to properly care for, and to even consider 150 or more dogs receiving proper care is outrageous!

During this holy season, let us realistically consider with gratitude, what energy we need to have to properly care for our beloved animals and children with compassion and empathy so they experience joy, contentment and peace.


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