A Matter of Faith: The idiocy of evolution


From: David Foss

Can we remember — exactly — what happened one year ago? We can’t? Well, why not? Evolutionists seem to recall exactly how life began. It positively began 5.273 billion years ago on a Tuesday morning at 9:29 a.m.

It was a dark and stormy day. Darkness, rain and lightning had just begun. It rained 1.65 inches this particular Tuesday morning. Lightning killed 18 anthropoids, our fuzzy, vastly distant relatives. Lightning killed nine that were in trees and nine more were trampled to death before they could get into the trees. Two survived and here we are today. Wow! Sounds believable? No!

Doesn’t evolution sound as though it would be a wholly preposterous falsity, a figment of the evolutionist’s imagination? The words that they speak about evolution are verbalized as though they had visualized/witnessed evolution while their cameras were rolling. Pure fabrication! Speaking thusly, to remain straight-faced, they must be sucking on lemon rinds.

Is the evolutionist’s goal for good? Is their goal to draw people to the Creator of everything? Do they have you-know-who (YKW)? Do they respect YKW? Will their dissemination of evolution leave us with a better world?

All we need to ask is — who is telling the truth — YKW or a man? We can easily verify the truth by reading the very first verse of YKW’s Word, then we will not believe in the idiocy of evolution.

Ponder Genesis 1.1 Read the remainder of the chapter too.


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