Dennis Theede, thank you for being a mentor for all


From: Bruce R. Kiein 

We all go through life, learning from others such as our parents, other family members, our personal relationship with God, co-workers, teachers, and even strangers. The social relationship with them is our make-up of who we are. Yet others are our mentors in showing through words, but mainly by action and example, of what should be done in good times and in our struggles. One such mentor for me is Dennis Theede.  

Denny has served with great passion the mentally disadvantaged of this area for over 40 years. Until his last breath, he will be devoted to those in need. It is who he is. I witnessed endless times, his love, acts of kindness, for his extended family at Home and Community Options. He is sincere and respectful in his relationship with not only the clients of HCO, but always used civility with those that worked alongside him, and treated them as equals in sharing the goal and mission “…of providing support and residential services to people with developmental disabilities in order to enable individuals to live as full members of their communities.” Dennis lives and breathes these values “…so those clients may enjoy life, strive to reach their potential, and most importantly to be loved and accepted as members of their communities.”

Denny, thanks for being a mentor. For being a part of who I am. Like many, I am a better person because of you. Congratulations in your many achievements with HCO, and in your retirement from one of Winona area’s greatest assets. We’ll be judged by how we treat those least fortunate.  Dennis Theede, “…well done, good and faithful servant.”


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