Show some respect for President Trump


From: Linda Hovland



In responce to Dick Galliens’ letter: To start out, I am an independent voter. I decided to be an informed voter this year. My mistake! You obviously only listened to the biased news.

I did not vote for Hillary because: 

1. She disregarded security and used an unsecured email for classified information.

2. She lied to the F.B.I. about the emails. She purposefully destroyed emails which were recovered. 

3. She lied to Congress about the emails. All of which are punishable by prison. A military person that lets out anything that’s classified goes to prison. They both work for the government they both should be in prison.  

 4. She was Secretary of State when the whole Benghazi  thing went down. They kept begging for help and she refused it. She let the Prime Minister and our military down. She couldn’t do a good job with that, how can she handle our whole country. 

5. She has no respect for our military. You talk to any military person and they will tell you that.

6. She wants to bring more people in but our jobs are leaving the country. We have a lot of kids that are looking for jobs and can’t find them. These people are taking jobs away from our kids.

7. She wants to give free college to anyone who wants it. You were a teacher, you should know that nothing is free. If she would have said no interest with conditions, maybe.  

8. Our welfare system is a joke. Again, no one should get anything for free. Give people a hand, not a hand out. Help them to make their lives better, not a system that forces them to stay in the system.

9. Our health care system (Obamacare). She wants to keep it going.  It is great if you work for the government, are on welfare, or a company that supplies health care but for anyone else that has to pay for it, it is a burden. A very expensive burden. 

As for “It,”  most of the things you have talked about are allegations or things that got the public’s attention and brought interest to him. His name became very familiar and he didn’t have to pay a cent to do it. Hillary spent millions. It looks to me like he knew how to use the news. He also threw in there things we have been concerned or angry about with our government. 

Our government has not been listening to its people and the people said, “We have had enough of this crap.”

Now for “Its” name. It’s President Trump. Show some respect.


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