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An exclusive interview with Diet and Exercise



In preparation for the New Year, the Green Grocer sat down with one of the world’s most famous couples, Diet and Exercise, to talk about their secrets to success.


GG: You guys have been together forever. What’s your secret?

Diet: I think we just complement each other very well. 

Exercise: I agree. Diet fuels everything I do; without her I could never reach my full potential. And I think the same is true of me for her. Without me, she can never be optimal. Our relationship is sort of like yin and yang in that way.

GG: Diet, do you agree with that?

Diet: Absolutely.

GG: You both tend to be in the news a lot. How do you feel about that?

Exercise: I love it! I think people should get as much of me as they can.

Diet: I actually think it’s a bit funny. Every time some “new” study is written about us, I think, “That’s not new! We’ve known that all along!”
GG: Can you give us an example?

Diet: Well recently I read the headline “Diet and Exercise reduce risk of obesity.” I thought to myself, “Someone actually funded that study?” I assumed that was common knowledge by now.

GG: We’re coming upon that time of year where people take an increased interest in you. What’s your advice?

Diet: Baby steps. If you’re unfamiliar with us, get to know us in small ways. For example, take a walk three times a week and replace one unhealthy beverage each day with water.

Exercise: Yeah, this time of year folks get all gung ho on us, and then end up ignoring us after only a few weeks.

Diet: But if you start slowly, introducing healthy habits one at a time, replacing bad habits one at a time, you’re more likely to stick with us. Over time, you’ll come to see all the benefits of having us in your life.

Exercise: Plus this approach works for everyone. Whether you’re a complete couch potato or a marathoner, you can always change one habit. Bottom line: Don’t give up on us!

GG: How will you two be celebrating the New Year?

Diet: I think we’ll make a nice dinner. I’m thinking kale —

Exercise: She loves kale.

Diet: It’s true! We’ll probably make a big hearty bowl with grains, tofu, kale and other vegetables.

Exercise: And afterward cuddle up and watch a romantic comedy.

GG: Seriously?

Exercise: Of course! We have to rest up for our New Year’s Day run!


Mix and Match Bowl

Recommended By Diet and Exercise

Follow this basic method to create your own bowl inspired by Diet and Exercise. Ingredients listed are only suggestions. Use one or more or substitute your own!

Start with a layer of greens 

Arugula, mixed greens, spinach

Add a layer of grains

Brown rice, quinoa, spelt, wheat berries

Layer on the vegetables (dice ‘em, slice ‘em or mince ‘em — just make sure to pile ‘em high. For extra lip smacking, steam some and keep the rest raw)

Avocado, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, onions, red cabbage, squash

Top with protein

Cubed raw or cooked tofu, steamed chicken or shrimp, shredded turkey

Finish with a drizzle (keep the goodness going with a healthy homemade dressing)

Make a vinaigrette with olive oil and lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, a sesame oil and soy sauce blend, or a peanut butter based dressing


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