‘Milo’s Playground’ to provide fun, educational content


On December 27, Winona company Pelaez Creative, LLC, and Rochester video production company, Studio 24, LLC, launched a toddler-friendly YouTube channel showcasing toddler Milo having active and educational fun in playgrounds, museums, and zoos. “Milo’s Playground”, the newly launched channel, is dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle for toddlers and will have several episodes ready for viewing upon the premiere of season one. Following the season premiere, it will launch a new episode each week after.

“Milo’s Playground” follows young Milo as he explores the world around him and engages in safe playtime. Everything on the show is unscripted and is dedicated to showing how any toddler would naturally play. For parents of toddlers that get screen time at home, “Milo’s Playground” offers their kids a break from all the fantasy content and encourages them to explore the real world from a toddler’s perspective.

Finding safe and educational content on the Internet for your toddler to enjoy is difficult. The idea for “Milo’s Playground” arose out of the desire for a truly kid-friendly program on YouTube, one that encourages kids to get active. For more information and to keep up to date on upcoming episodes, visit www.milosplayground.com/YouTube.


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