Giving thanks to silent heroes


by Miss Winona Kayla Boettcher

As a college student living in the dorms here at Saint Mary’s, I never have to worry about the chores of everyday life, like cleaning the bathrooms or even cooking food. The campus is always clean, beautiful, and well cared for. It’s easy to miss the hard-working individuals that make campus so wonderful. These are people I like to call silent heroes. They work hard to make sure our lives move along without any disturbances and create this haven of learning for myself and my fellow students.

But silent heroes aren’t just on my campus. They surround us every day in all areas of our community. They take care of our garbage, run the power plants, grow and harvest our food, work in the factories to create everything we use daily, and leave their families every day to protect and care for strangers. Our lives are surrounded by the hard work of others that often goes unseen and unappreciated.

The holiday season is a time dedicated to being grateful and thankful for all that we are blessed with. So please don’t forget to think of those who sacrifice and work diligently so that you are able to be with your family and friends and celebrate. It can be as easy as a quick prayer, a smile, or even just a whispered “thank you” as you pass by. Anything to show them that you care and that their work makes a difference.


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