Straight from Santa: How he gets reindeer to fly


From: Santa Claus (Dean Nuszloch)

The last couple of weeks I received a lot of letters from all the little boys and girls in Winona County. A lot of letters asked how do Santa’s reindeer fly? Now that I have completed my rounds, I have time to answer that question.

For example, when you blow up a balloon and then let it go, the air rushing out of the balloon will send the balloon flying all over the room. A jet airplane with its jet engine compresses the air and sends it out the back of the engine, thus making it fly. The same goes with a rocket; the compressed air coming out of the bottom of the rocket sends it up into the sky. This propulsive force is called “thrust” and will make anything fly.

In order for the reindeer to make compressed gas, Santa feeds his reindeer lots and lots of legume beans for over a week before Christmas Eve. So after Santa’s reindeer have been eating all of those legume beans for over a week, they are all gassed up and rearing to go come Christmas Eve.

Now little boys and girls, we know that when we eat a lot of legume beans that the exhausting gas can get a little “stinky.” So that is why Santa grows a big bushy beard. The beard filters the gas from the exhausting reindeer and enables Santa to breathe comfortably.

Ho ho!


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