It wasn’t the Russians


From: Ken and Diane Poss

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, when all the polls showed Hillary Clinton leading, I said to my wife, “I just have a feeling that God will intervene and Trump will be the next president.” She replied, “I have the same feeling.”

Franklin Graham visited all 50 states in his “Awake America” tour. Thousands of Christians attended. I believe God used this to stir Christians to vote from a Biblical world view. The result was a stunning political upset with Trump winning the presidency.

We will never be a socialist state. Every country that is in existence or was in the past has fallen in derision. A lot of politicians now running for president have gone way too far left. Many college professors are teaching socialist doctrine to our young people and leading them astray. Anytime a person gets handed to them benefits without work (entitlement mentality) they do not truly appreciate and take care of it — a new bike, a car, a community built home, etc. It used to be that people receiving one of these homes were required to attend maintenance classes and learn how to take care of the home before it was given to them.

I started out shoveling snow from sidewalks and mowing lawns to earn money. Our four boys did the same, as did every one of their sons. Five now own their own construction company.

Our family stands with president Trump. God knew before-hand there was going to be a lot of hatred coming from the news media and politicians. So He chose from among all those Republican candidates a man (Donald Trump) with a backbone and tough skin who was not sold out to the Washington political establishment. He has done a lot for the people of the USA.

Some of our best friends are supporters of the Democratic party. We love them as brothers and sisters. Those in political positions of power in Washington, D.C., have caused great division in our nation. The only time there has been such hatred was during the Civil War.

There’s power in prayer and your vote in 2020. Voting is a privilege and a right. We desire to see President Trump reelected in 2020.


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