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When looking to start a garden or improve your current garden it is best to start from the ground and work up. University of Minnesota Extension local educators are excited to bring you the Gardening from the Group Up webinar series to help you achieve your garden goals. This free webinar series will take place from May 12-15, 2020, from 1-2:30 p.m. each afternoon. You must pre-register for this series at to receive the webinar links. This webinar series will cover a wide variety of topics that are important for any gardener to understand. 

•    Tuesday: Soil and Soil Testing – Extension Educators Katie Drewitz and Robin Trott 

On Tuesday the webinar will focus on soil. Organizers recommend that you get your soil tested once every three years. During this session you will learn how to properly take a soil sample and how to submit that sample to the lab. Then, Drewitz and Trott will walk through how to read the soil test results and what they mean. They will also touch on soil textures which will lead into the discussion on Wednesday. 

•    Wednesday: Fertilizer and Nutrient Deficiencies – Extension Educators Adam Austing and Troy Salzer 

Building on the concepts learned on Tuesday, the webinar will explore fertilizer and nutrient deficiencies. Plants need nutrients in varying levels. Many times your plant will tell you what it is lacking. Facilitators will walk through common deficiencies and how they are likely to show up in your plants. They will also discus what you can do to correct the problem. 

•    Thursday: Cover Crops – Extension Educator Troy Salzer 

You may be familiar with the concept of using a cover crops on a large field. Did you know that cover crops can also be beneficial for gardens? Salzer will show you the benefits that cover crops can have on your garden, building on what was learned about fertilizer and nutrient deficiencies. The webinar will also discuss what may be the best option for you. 

•    Friday: Beneficial Insects — Extension Educators Claire LaCanne and Shane Bugeja 

Have you ever wondered how to attract (and keep) beneficial insects to your garden or small farm? What are the best ways to promote pollinators on your property, and how helpful are those mason bee houses? In this session facilitators will also discuss “good bugs” that help keep pest populations low, such as parasitoids and predators. Lastly, they will discuss several new pesticides on the market that are low in toxicity to bees and other non-pest species.

To join in for all or one of these webinars please go to to register. You only need to register once to receive access to each topic. If you have questions about the webinar series or need assistance with registration, please email or call 320-762-3890. 


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