Jovy Rockey: Clear vision, leadership


From: Maurella Cunningham



It is no longer enough to settle for the “status quo” at any level of political office. We need a mayor who understands the importance of the times in which we live. Jovy Rockey has the clear vision and proven leadership ability to break the status quo and make government work for everyone.

Jovy’s plan includes bridging the communication and accessibility gaps between marginalized groups and the hegemony. She will provide resources to facilitate outreach and understanding as well as build trust in local leadership. Individuals of all cultures and perspectives who may have felt excluded in the past will be heard and encouraged to contribute to the Winona community.

Jovy’s plan outlines the steps she will take to develop quality, equitable housing for everyone in the city. The design of neighborhoods greatly impacts its residents and no more should anyone have to live in substandard rental properties that do not meet basic safety and aesthetic codes.

Jovy understands the importance of attractive housing options to recruit and retain diverse groups of talent to participate in both the community and the economic prosperity of Winona.

Join me in voting for Jovy to change the narrative of local politics!


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