Greg Olson has been a dedicated commissioner


From: Bruno Borsari


Please vote for Greg Olson next month, so that he may continue his service as county commissioner.

Greg has been a very dedicated commissioner for Winona County. He supports environmental conservation and he has always been very reasonable in trying to find a balance between resource use and preservation of the ecological integrity of the fragile driftless region, where we all live. I am referring to the ordinance that insured the protection of our bluffs and the limit posed to uncontrolled extraction of silica sand, as two keystone achievements obtained through his persistence and leadership. Greg champions achieving sustainability in agriculture and understands the limits and risks for environmental and public health of industrial farming. I agree with his philosophy of supporting small, family business growth to the benefit of a local economy as this approach to development has been proved to be effective in regenerating the resources needed to maintain socio-economic systems.

Through the years he has been offering presentations to WSU students and citizen groups thus, engaging all community members in the challenges regarding the governance of Winona County. I continue to appreciate his ability to listen to everyone with undiluted attention and respect.

Vote for Greg!



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