The stakes could not be higher


From: Patrick Byron



The clock is ticking. Now, more than ever before, each one of us needs to take a serious and informative look at who will occupy public office after this election.  YOU owe it to your family, your state and your country to undertake this task.

I offer you some media choices to pursue and evaluate in the coming weeks and months.

a.  “The United States of Conspiracy” is an eye-opening, critical and sobering look into this topic. This is a PBS presentation on “FRONTLINE.” You can view it via You Tube.

b.  “TOO MUCH and NEVER ENOUGH,” authored by Mary L. Trump. It is well worth your time to read this book as she provides endless parallels that we witness on a daily basis.

In the meantime ... mask up, get that absentee ballot and give serious reflection on the direction this country should pursue. The stakes could not be higher!!


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