You help when you can


From: David Girod



Late last month I lost a friend and neighbor, Dorothy Rick. Many would know her as the “dog lady,” as for years, she had two large dogs, a wolf hound and a borzoi. She loved dogs and would often greet a stranger or friends who had a dog. Dorothy was “unique” — the best way to describe her! Now with her passing, there is much to do for her daughter and handling the property.

As with most people today, one must clear out years of possessions, memories, etc. I had to do it with my aunt, father, and step-mother. Each situation is different and can be challenging! Let me tell you.

I try to watch NBC’s Nightly News every day. At the end he’ll say “Take care of yourself and everybody” during these times. But one must remember, not everyone wants help.

So you do what you can. I helped Dorothy when I could. Dorothy didn’t want help.


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