Fair maps equals fair voting


From: Sandy and Craig Brooks

Local members

Wis. League of Women Voters

Buffalo City


Support is building in Wisconsin to undo partisan redistricting (also known as gerrymandering).

In April 2019 Buffalo County became one of the 51 Wisconsin counties passing a County Board resolution calling on the state to adopt a process of establishing nonpartisan redistricting plans. We should all say thank you to our County Board members.

Gov. Tony Evers has, by executive order, created the People’s Maps Commission. The commission will work across the state and present “fair” maps to the Legislature for consideration after the completion of the 2020 census. Legislation is needed to adopt a nonpartisan entity to do the redistricting every 10 years after the latest census. This is a model Iowa and other states use that works very well.

Many Wisconsin counties have added an election ballot referendum question:

”Should the Wisconsin Legislature create a nonpartisan procedure for preparing legislative and congressional redistricting maps?”

This passed in Trempealeau, Pierce, Monroe, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Vernon, and St. Croix counties in Western Wisconsin to join many others throughout the state. Dunn and others will have it on their ballots on November 3. When this has been voted on it shows that well over 72 percent of voters say yes. Ask your County Board member to let your voice be heard on this issue by adding it to your ballot. It’d be great if Buffalo and Pepin counties would get on the bandwagon for this and allow voters’ voices to be heard.

Our County Board, state legislators, and governor have recognized that the current way districts are drawn does not represent the bidding of all the people of said districts. Making your voice heard will help get the needed change in law made.

Now it is our turn, the voting citizens of the state, to do our part.

We all need to keep the momentum for fair maps going.

Contact your state Legislative candidates and ask them if they will publicly support Fair Maps Legislation and promise to vote to end Wisconsin gerrymandering.


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