Oh my gosh!


From: Sigurd Scheurle


Now President Trump can’t even affirm that he would support a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. He tears down:

• Soldiers

• Postal workers

• Teachers

• Doctors

• Disabled

• Women

• Scientists

• People of color

• Immigrants

• Judges


And now he’s saying that voters can’t be trusted.

It is shameful to have a president disrespect people, democracy, and trusted institutions. But it is even worse that his divisiveness is rallying the campaigns of Republicans up and down the ballot.

Senator Jeremy Miller, and many others in the GOP, benefit from Trump’s abuse, while they pretend in other circles to be moderates looking for unity. Sen. Miller even pretends to have a “purple caucus” that he hides under to cover his party-line votes, his trips to Trump events in D.C., and his snuggling up to the Trump siblings when they visit Winona. The “purple caucus” is a joke on us, folks. Miller needs to go because we need genuine unity.

Sarah Kruger will work for unity, and she will not exploit the voters of Senate District 28.


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