Feehan’s better future for all


From: Laura Armstrong


Congressman Hagedorn presents “law and order” as a vital concern for voters’ consideration in the upcoming election.  By doing this, Hagedorn attempts to fool voters by setting up what appears to be a choice between only two options — in this case, the choice between maintaining the criminal justice system as it currently exists or having total criminal mayhem.  When Hagedorn claims to support law and order, he doesn’t actually advocate for improving the conditions under which law enforcement officers work or under which many people struggle to live. Instead, Hagedorn tries to distract voters with fear.

In contrast, Dan Feehan believes that criminal justice reform and racial equity can co-exist, combined with a “policing system that’s set up for success through our system of laws.” Feehan refuses to give in to this kind of false thinking and instead works for positive change and honest accountability. Meanwhile, Hagedorn carelessly wastes taxpayers’ money on unnecessary mailing, praises Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and supports the invalidation of the Affordable Care Act. Dan Feehan represents a positive, constructive message for a better future for all.


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