Tell the truth


From: Debbie Sheets



“Lying is done with words but also with silence,” said Adrienne Rich. Trump does his lying with words but our congressman, Jim Hagedorn, is doing his silently. Oh, I know, he published something about why he still voted to dispute the Electoral College votes on January 6 even after the Capitol Building was mobbed by Trump supporters, but it was political speak that says nothing. The people who believe the election was a fraud, and that Biden won through nefarious means, need to hear clearly and honestly (since that will be the truth) that the election was not stolen from Trump. He lost fair and square; he just doesn’t like that. Trump’s supporters need to hear from the leaders in his party, because they won’t hear it from Trump himself. Minnesota Congressional District 1 Trump supporters need to hear the truth from Hagedorn. Biden won the election; stop the violence. It’s not noble rebellion. Our forebears fought to establish democracy. Don’t unravel all their work. Let’s make it better together.


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