Accountability for sedition


From: Sigurd Scheurle



Our U.S. First District Representative Jim Hagedorn should resign his office. He must be held accountable for his acts of sedition. He is guilty of acting to overturn the election of President-elect Biden. On January 6 and again on January 7, 2020, he voted to delete the electoral votes from two states. He voted to steal the votes from the people of Arizona and Pennsylvania. By doing so, he violated his oath of office by acting to overturn the election. 

Representative Hagedorn was presented with no evidence that the state’s electors were illegitimate. No alternative electors were presented to the U.S. House of Representatives by the states. Several Republican and Democratic Senators and Representatives representing Arizona and Pennsylvania testified that there was no reason to reject the Presidential electors and no evidence of fraud in the election.

Yet, Hagedorn asked no question, he made no inquiry, he just took a free vote.

Throughout the nation, Republican election officials and local, state and federal judges are held accountable for their conduct. They all have upheld election laws and the results. If they lie cheat or violate their oath, then those folks are subject to prosecution and/or removal from office. They obey the law. That’s why no amount of pressure diverted them from doing their duty — even in Georgia.

But not Representative Hagedorn from Minnesota’s first district. He believes he is free and entitled to violate his oath and the law and the Constitution. He is not. He needs to resign. His loyalty to the President only further illuminates his shameless act of sedition.


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