Tell your reps to support clean cars


From: Emilie Falc,

Winona Climate Action Network co-leader


One of our COVID-safe pleasures is driving around Winona County to explore new areas and find new spots where we can go on a long walk with our pandemic puppy. We’ve found several trails that go up into the wooded bluffs where we encountered wildlife including eagles and an owl. Driving gives us a sense of freedom, yet we need to balance that freedom with our concern for clean air and clean water in our state’s 10,000-plus lakes and streams. 

Now is the time to transition to having more electric vehicles available in the car lots in Winona County and around the state of Minnesota. A key selling point of most cars is the ability to test drive them. One of the important provisions of the Clean Car Standard will provide us more opportunities to experience an electric vehicle (EV) before we purchase it, allowing consumers to see in our state dozens of models of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles that are already available in other states because these states already have clean car standards. Consumers will have more choices and will find competitive prices. 

EV drivers benefit from lower fuel and maintenance costs over time and cleaner air, and the people around them will also experience better air quality, especially pedestrians and bikers in high traffic areas, and in areas such as crowded parking garages, drop-offs at school, and waiting for the train. 

Minnesotans will never be forced to purchase electric vehicles, and the standards do not apply to farm equipment, recreational vehicles, or large trucks, so don’t let anyone tell you differently. 

Ask Senator Miller and Representative Pelowski to support Clean Car Standards that motivate consumers to transition to electric vehicles when they are ready to do so and will improve air quality for us in Winona and for all citizens of Minnesota. When looked at from afar, this will be a bold step into the future as we begin to create the world we want to live in. 

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