In response to David Fratzke


From: David Siskoff

Hold on their Cochise! I suggest you lay off that peace pipe for a while.

I can maybe help you figure out what the hell is going on but I don’t think you would be able to grasp it!

For one thing, I think that you are giving President Trump and his supporters way too much credit for turning this country upside down!

I think credit should be given where credit is due, and that would be with the leader of the previous regime. It’s not just friends against friends or family against family; heck that’s nothing compared to getting most everyone worked up.

I am talking different races, colors, creeds, sexual orientation, financial and social positions, religious beliefs, those of various countries and not to mention the big one: political positions. I don’t know where to stop. This is where the true credit should be given!

The practice that you were recommending for Trump supporters is actually a very well-know procedure; it goes by the term “abortion”

The procedure was practiced 9,953 times in 2016 and 10,177 times in 2017 — just in Minnesota alone!

It’s so popular that the Catholic governor in New York, Andrew Cuomo, just passed legislation to allow the procedure up to 24 weeks, but it doesn’t stop there. It also has sanctions that would allow abortion up to delivery — and it doesn’t stop there either.

If the baby (not a fetus) is born, living, breathing crying — a human being that didn’t get terminated in the womb and was born healthy with no complications — the mother can still decide to abort it if she likes.

The New York legislative body was so pleased of this decision, they stood up and clapped when it passed.

Let’s just say I don’t think there were any Trump supporters amongst them. The state of Virginia is now trying to pass the same such law.

The beauty of this law also allows a pregnant mother the option to have the procedure done anywhere and by any one. No clinics, no doctors needed. So now she will not have to worry about being hassled by those vigilant Trump pro-life supporters.

With all the money spent and all the discussions and fighting in courts on passing all those laws, now the back allies and coat hangers are back in action! Isn’t progressivism just something to die for?

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